I’ll be honest. I’ve been too damn lazy these past few weeks months. While I haven’t experienced anything worth of mentioning in my life outside the internet (other than going through the most painfully slow visa application process ever and not doing much at work), I’d say my online life have been… equally boring. Yeah, my life is boring, and nothing exciting has happened.

Well, I got suspended (again) from Twitter. Twice. In less than 3 days. First because I kept spamming the news about the Arab rapefugee going on a stabbing spree in the French Alps, articles and videos that Twitter kept censoring. Then, I got suspended again because I started bitching about being suspended and then linking everything to the J҉e҉w҉s҉, who are the usual suspects for whatever fucked up shit the world is currently going through.

Anyways, this post is actually kind of an announcement. Since I’m having some “free” time, or rather, work is expected to be somewhat light in the coming days, I’m thinking of writing a series of opinion entries/essays of sorts regarding some issues and subjects that have arised frequently in my circle on Twatter, namely:

  • The Issue of Lolicon
  • Technology and Man
  • Censorship on Twitter (and other social media)
  • Unwanted diasporas and their effects on host societies
  • Race and Culture

Some of these points could be condensed in a single post, but I’ll know when I get there. Again, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here, and it’s been more than 10 years since I wrote anything serious to publish it on the internet. Anyways, it’s late, and I’m tired.