As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m in the middle (kind of) of the process of moving to Europe. Well, actually I’m starting the process, since I finally got my renewed passport a couple of weeks ago and I could resume the paperwork to get the visa.

Once Upon A Time…

This is me fr This is me right now, frfr

Long story short, last year, at the end of November, I got a relocation offer from a tech company, that seemed kinda suspicious at first, but after several interviews and tech assessments, I found out they are actually quite serious about hiring me. The financial offer was nothing out of this world, to be quite honest, but given the generous benefits they offer and the fact that they’ll cover pretty much all expenses of the relocation, I couldn’t refuse.

There were also other factors that made me accept the offer, like the opportunity to live in a relatively stable country (Portugal in this case), the ability to travel relatively freely in Europe and the prospect of finally settling down on my own and hopefully meet the right woman for me were relevant, but the one reason that made to hastily accept it was personal safety.

… In (Not) Roanapur

:( This was me, frfr

To be really brief, last October, 3 heavily armed men broke into my apartment at 2AM -presummably to steal-, held my mother at gunpoint and when I tried to get up to see what was happening, 2 of them held me down and started bashing my head with their gun butts. I don’t know how the hell I managed to break free, but after struggling and letting out a scream they got the fuck out and fled. Obviously, police then came, then I went to the hospital, blah blah blah, lorem ipsum, yadda yadda yadda, etc, etc, etc. You know what happens in these cases.

After that incident I had to go to the neurologist because my left hand ended up being affected, and after getting a MR scan I found out I had an epidural edema due a (quite inconspicuous) skull fracture. The doctor told me I was really lucky since it wasn’t that big and I didn’t lose consciousness, but it was big enough to fuck up my hand, so he ended up prescribing some medication and 2 months of absolute rest.

The Long And Winding Road

Le Coma This could’ve been me, frfr

Adding to the fact that some assholes left me basically useless for months, there was a more pressing issue: by the time the incident happened I was practically unemployed, and the whole situation left me stark broke, to the point I had to ask a friend to lend me some money while I was recovering AND looking for a new job. Trust me when I say, getting fired almost near the ending of the year AND getting wrecked by some burglars is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

So, to deal with this situation, I had to apply to any remote jobs I could find on LinkedIn, and while I had dozens of interviews, most of them didn’t get anywhere. Like, most of them would never get past the technical interviews, and the ones that did and sent me good news, had to backtrack and say the company had a change of plans or had to revise budget. And this went on for months until like 3 weeks ago where I finally got a solid offer and - again - accepted hastily… because I literally need the money.

Peace - A Theme

Lovely Moonchild… Confusion will be my Epitaph…

And those of you who have managed to stay this far reading my crappy post might be wondering, if I accepted a relocation offer, why did I accept another offer? Simple: the relocation offer is for moving to another country and work there, but right now, with debts piling up and no money, I need a job. Good thing I’m a developer and can work remote so, while I deal with the paperwork to get the fuq out of this hell, I can save money for the plane ticket and other stuff I need to do.

This doesn’t mean my life is getting back on track and things will go smoothly from now on. Today I received the list of documents I need to get in order to apply for the visa, but half of them are basically cockblocked by me not having money… and getting paid this month doesn’t guarantee anything, because I need to renew my card, but in order to do that I need a certain amount of money in my account, which I don’t have… so everything is getting pushed back at least 2 months.

Anyways, I’m running out of steam. Maybe I’ll talk a bit more about all this process in another post, and maybe I’ll elaborate more on how my injuries have evolved and how my life has changed (spoiler alert: I’m still unable to jerk off).