Today’s News

So, another day reaches its end. While I started at a new company on Wednesday, it wasn’t until this morning that I finally could talk with someone of relevance (in this case, the actual mobile tech lead). It seems that the onboarding time for new devs it’s a bit longer, more so around this time of the year, mainly because projects are being delivered and new clients are getting onboard. Also, it’s holiday season down in the Southern Hemisphere, so I guess it’ll kinda chill, at least for a while.

Coding and wotnot

My dream setup… I wish I had a setup like that…

Yesterday I finally managed to set up a bot for my Misskey instance, and today I spent pretty much all day fine tuning it and setting up yet another one. It was an interesting experience, since the script is written in Python, but is far simpler than the one I used for my Pleroma bots, which gave me an opportunity to get more used to the language.

Now, my interest in Python isn’t limited to image bots for fedi instances. I’ve been toying with the idea of developing yet another my own ActivityPub compatible backend, and for the longest time I was considering Kotlin as my main programming language, with Ktor as deelopment framework. The reason? Well, I’m a native Android dev, and I mainly use Kotlin, so I thought it’d be a good idea.

The Five Stages of Whachamacallit

Chopsticks are hard to use, indeed. Yeah, right.

Thing is, after reading forums and comments and wotnot, Ktor started to lose that appeal. And while I really like it, and Kotlin too, they don’t quite fulfill my criteria for this endeavor. Things like the ability to execute user-written scripts during runtime or ease of deployment are non-negotiable for me, and neither Kotlin nor Ktor are able to deliver that.

So, my options for programming languages were basically killed because, other than Kotlin, I’ve only worked with Java, C# and PHP. The first two are automatically discarded because they’re inherently similar to Kotlin regarding my criteria, which leaves me only with PHP… which I don’t hate, but I most definitely don’t like.

The List

Beep Boop Ngl, this would be me if I were a teacher…

Thus, my search for another programming language started. I initially considered going the soydev way with TypeScript or some shit like that, but that’d be really masochistic on my side. I know JavaScript but I hate webdev shit (which is one of the reasons I moved to Android). Then I started checking other projects to see what they languages they’re written in.

Elixir? Too esoteric for me, everything looks like a clusterfuck.
Go? It’s nice and fast, but too C-ish for me (can’t undo the OOP damage).
Rust? Too “political” and the learning curve is way too steep.
Ruby? I’m not a manchild with diaper fetish, so, no.
Python? I think it’d be a good option.


Oops! Did you know that Kobayashi is actually a developer and uses Python?

So, yeah, short answer to the question no one asked: I’ll use Python for this project. I know jackshit about it besides the little tinkering I’ve done to my bots' code, but out of all the options I’ve considered, is the sanest one, in my opinion. Time will tell if it was a good option or if I should just walk the plank in the end.

Anyways, that’s all.